Best Year Yet


You are approaching an interesting age. At 39, Sharon Sites Adams became the first woman to sail alone across the Pacific Ocean. So in the coming year you could sail around the world solo and dwarf Sharon’s accomplishment (but would it count as solo sailing if Arthur was with you?). Of course, if you wanted to take a bit more time you could pick up baseball or write a few books. At 40, Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run. At 41, Rudyard Kipling became the youngest Nobel Prize Laureate in literature. Whatever you choose to do you probably aren’t planning to erase Sharon, Hank and Rudyard from the record books but you have many talents and the possibilities are boundless.

I have learned many things from you – I now know more about shoes than I would have ever guessed (there was a time I would have thought you should see a doctor if you had Fluevogs), I know that it is a Bonferroni correction – not a beefaroni correction, and that Jamaican Blue Mountain may not be the only coffee worth drinking (wow, I didn’t even mention the importance of the oxford comma).

I look forward to seeing what you will do next and what you will teach me be it sartorial, statistical or epicurean.

Tullia, you are a great friend and I hope this is your best year yet.